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Trouble shooting of hydraulic paper cutting machine for common cutting machine

First, the machine does not have any movement:
First, check if the paper cutter has power. When you turn on the universal switch, you will see the power indicator light on the right side of the switch. It indicates that the 220V power supply has been provided. If you turn on the universal switch, you can not see the power indicator on the right red (except the indicator light), indicating that the power has not entered the machine, check the power input part of the plug, wiring is falling off.
Secondly, in the light of the circumstances, the hands press button under the knife, do not hear any sound in the circuit board relay, then check to the circuit board, whether coil power supply electric circuit problems, if the line is no problem, then check to provide 10V voltage transformer coil if there is a problem.
Two, no knife: there are three main reasons
A, upper limit switch problem, limit to switch contact burn or oxidation, lead to line impassability or bad contact, must replace, limit to switch.
There is a problem with the B button. The button contacts are oxidized and the button must be replaced.
C, the circuit board has problems, the general circuit board itself will not be a problem, mainly the circuit board and circuit plug contact is false, check whether the connector is solid, such as false contact, unplug the plug, re insert.
When the two hands press the left and right buttons, you can hear the sound of the relay tick, indicating that the circuit board is OK, then you should judge the problem on the limit switch.
Causes and solutions of other malfunctions:
The first fault phenomenon: semi-automatic, not stepping on the foot switch and immediate action.
Most of these failures are caused by a broken foot switch or by a switch on the foot. The other is the manual start button switch. The repair method is to replace the new switch, socket, button switch or disassemble and repair the damaged parts.
Second kinds of fault phenomenon: semi-automatic work, step on the foot switch, slide block down, and then rise after release.
This phenomenon is generally horizontal seat on the left side of the proximity switch is damaged or broken line, the solution is to replace the proximity switch or switch connection.
Third kinds of fault phenomenon: when semi-automatic work, step on the foot switch, the vertical slide seat drops, the printing block moves left, then does not move.
The reason of the failure of a slide seat on the left side of the proximity switch without induction or problems. The solution is to adjust the left approach switch, the induction point or the change of the proximity switch; and the microswitch in the foot switch does not move and will cause this fault. The solution is to adjust, repair or replace the new microswitch on the microswitch in the foot switch.

How to choose an electric paper cutter

In the face of a wide variety of electric paper cutting machines, how to choose the machine for their own production needs? The following aspects can be considered:
I. mechanical structure of electric cutter:
Consumers need a clear understanding of their own to buy electric cutter to what is, that is to figure out their preparation for the cutting precision, what size, type of paper, on this basis, choose the right to own electric cutter. For example, according to the actual situation of the products to be processed, it is necessary to decide whether to choose the paper cutting machine with double rail structure or to choose the cutting machine with dovetail groove structure. At this level, consumers should hold the following ideas, not the most expensive is the best, only the most suitable for their own is the best.
Two 、 mechanical performance of electric cutter and other:
Understand the needs of their own, we need to listen patiently to introduce and explain professionals, compare the various types of electric cutting machine performance, appearance, price, after-sales service and other factors. Of course, there is the most important thing is the quality and performance of electric cutter, as consumers, the mechanical structure should be fully aware of their favorite models and safety, that day after the electric cutting machine repair and maintenance of good foundation.
Electric cutting machine is a kind of small paper cutting machine, with the development and prosperity of the cultural industry, it has become an indispensable hardware investment many media and printing industry manufacturers, it can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, which is widely welcomed by customers. Whether new or second-hand printing equipment, machinery purchase, the above aspects are one of the main points of reference.

How to choose the electric cutting machine for the use of the electric cutter?

Use of electric paper cutting machine
Electric cutting machine is a kind of small paper cutting machine, with the development and prosperity of the cultural industry, it has become an indispensable hardware investment many media and printing industry manufacturers, it can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, which is widely welcomed by customers.
Paper cutting machine consists of living paper, paper cutting machine and industrial paper cutter. There are various kinds and different degree of automation.
Life use
Living paper cutting machine has toilet paper cutter, paper napkin cutter, paper cutting machine, square paper cutting machine, disc paper cutting machine, toilet paper cutting machine, face paper cutting machine and so on. According to the different paper products, the corresponding cutting machine is not the same.
Toilet paper cutting machine more refers to band saw, that is used to cut toilet paper roll paper band cutting machine. Band saw cutter is equipped with automatic sharpening and movable bedplate device, which can be cut into finished paper according to required length and width.
Industrial use
Industrial paper cutting machine has manual cutting machine, electric cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, etc., mainly used for industrial paper or other products cutting.
Tips: if you want to find industrial paper cutting machine, as far as possible to understand the use of products, it is convenient to find the corresponding equipment manufacturers.

Which brand is a paper cutter? What brand is it?

Cutter ten brand bangzhongbang, trimmer cutter brand, which brand is good <2017>
1.Polar Paula
Brand from Germany, the world’s larger set of printing equipment manufacturers, printing media industry’s leading solution provider, Heidelberg printing equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2. Feida
In 1917, Shanghai famous brand products, specializing in the design / production of paper cutting machine of high-tech enterprises, the leading brand in the industry, Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co. Ltd.
3. countries look at GUOWANG
Began in 1993, the domestic printing equipment industry leader, set development / design / production / sale / service as one of the Sino German joint venture company, hope Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
4. Changchun Changchun
Jilin famous brand, Jilin province famous brand products, mainly engaged in cutting machine / printing equipment, such as R & D / production / sales enterprises, ten paper cutting machine brand, Changchun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
5. Li Tong LITONG
Sichuan famous brand, paper cutting machine ten brands, specializing in the production of high-end paper cutting machine and its automatic cutting supporting products of professional companies, Deyang Litong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
6. Paul GUOWEI
High tech enterprises, printing machinery industry standard drafting unit, the domestic cutter technology leading enterprises, well-known brand, Zhejiang Paul Printing Machinery Co.
7. day DAIS
Established in 1993, cutting the ten brands, in printing machinery manufacturing / sales / service in one of the Sino French joint venture, Wenzhou taii Printing Machinery Co.
8. Huayue HPM
Founded in 1997, China’s famous paper cutting machine manufacturer, set design, R & D / processing and marketing at home and abroad in one of the specialized enterprises, Zhejiang Huayue Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
9. Kongtong mountains
In 1955, specializing in prepress equipment research and development / production / sales / business, the cutter is famous at home, Pingliang Hengda Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
10. clouds wide
Bookbinding machine / paper cutter ten big brands, Shanghai famous trademark, with binding machine series as the leading product, the domestic larger stationery, office supplies professional manufacturer, Zhejiang Yun Guang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Safety operation rules for paper cutting machines; cautions for paper cutting machines

Cutting machine operation rules
1. operator must be familiar with paper cutting machine performance and safety points, and after the examination qualified, can operate paper cutting machine.
2. before work, the operator must wear work clothes, tighten cuff, forbidden to wear long hair, wearing slippers, dress, wearing jewelry machine operation.
3. every time before starting the first examination paper is normal, reliable photoelectric protection switch. Try the empty knife three times to see if there is no return knife, found abnormal, strictly prohibited switch, to professional staff after maintenance can use.
4. before starting the machine, lubricate all lubricating points of the machine. Must pay attention to the surrounding environment, whether or not someone else in the machine maintenance work.
5. check the operation of the machine, centralized lubrication system, emergency stop button at all parts, safety device is normal.
6. press the top of the paper, forbid putting tools and other objects on the top (such as steel ruler, board hand, screw driver)
7. in the installation or removal of paper cutting blade, should adopt manual operation, to completely stop the main motor to switch to change the knife switch position, no point in one knife.
8., adjust the paper cutter, paper cutter depth of glue, should first adjust the paper knife, and then from shallow to deep, carefully adjust the depth of eating glue.
9., after the blade grinding blunt, should immediately replace the blade, can not continue to use, so as not to overload the machine, causing damage to the machine.
10. the pressure adjustment of paper press is not more than 60kg/cm2. (about 45 or so.)
11. is prohibited in the power on paper cutting machine, the knife arm inside the door, if the fault occurs when the non hand grab paper, immediately shut down, cutting knife back foot stop, cannot be reached for the paper.

Manual cutter how to use manual cutting machine

Paper cutting machine is a traditional product, which is used to deal with the demand for paper cutting in the late printing period. From the mechanical cutting machine to control tape cutter, and the development of the microcomputer program control, color display, the image processing and visualization operation guide cutting system of computer aided cutting external programming and editing production data, the production preparation time is shorter, higher cutting precision, lower labor intensity, and safe operation.
The technical level of domestic paper cutting machine has a certain gap with that of the advanced countries in the world:
The control system is relatively backward, the lack of automatic detection device, from the control system, our country has just started using PLC, and abroad have been using the full range of computer control, using computer control, computer control and adjustment of the implementation of components, at the same time can be preset parameters, and under the control of the computer can automatically adjust, shorten the the auxiliary time and ensure reliable operation.
II sets of poor, domestic paper cutting machine is rarely equipped with peripheral equipment, namely: cutting production line.
There is a certain gap between the appearance and the convenience of use. However, the domestic paper cutting machine production enterprises in recent years of efforts, the domestic cutter gap with foreign products in the rapidly shrinking, some even at the advanced level, the basic color for foreign and domestic computer controlled, mainly to display, the lack of various mechanical cutting machine safety protection and the existence of a large number of sales. Computer controlled paper cutter is the development trend of the cutter, and is rapidly replacing other large area cutting control method.
Press the “cut” button, the cutter up and down more than two times, called Lian dao. The main reason for the even knife cutter and cutting knife limit switch failure or not touch limit switches, and the relay contact adhesion or slow.
What can not be ignored is that the price and price of paper cutting machine is an important factor in choosing domestic cutter. Compared with the imported cutter abroad, has obvious advantages in price, excellent performance, price concessions to promote customers to choose the main reason of domestic paper cutting machine, and in the domestic customer service service in place. Because of the high cost performance, practical and affordable features, the current market share of domestic paper cutting machine is the highest in the country.

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